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Windows 7 Thread, Chrome Enterprise and Icons in Technical; I'm developing the deployment for Chrome to end users and having an issue with the icons it creates. I'm installing ...
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    Chrome Enterprise and Icons

    I'm developing the deployment for Chrome to end users and having an issue with the icons it creates. I'm installing Chrome on a base build PC then using MDT to capture and push out the image to all machines.

    All the problems relate to the fact that we want a clean desktop out of the box, no clutter on the desktop or taskbar. Once the user gets their machine they are welcome to clutter it up as they want but we don't want to start putting clutter on there in the first place. So Chrome put icons in the following ways

    1. Chrome pins itself to the taskbar, I can't see any way of removing this
    2. When a new user logs in a shortcut to Crome is created on the desktop, I can't see where that's coming from
    3. The first time you launch Chrome, if there isn't an icon on the desktop, it will create one for you. I did find this; Question: Google Chrome Enterprise delete shortcut | ITNinja but it doesn't seem to help

    I don't want to create scripts and reg hacks to delete any icons created as I want to give the users to create them if THEY want to

    Has anybody come across these or have any idea where the settings are to create these?

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    I've got an MSI I roll out, and then I have a group policy to create the short-cuts on the start menu, as we have Re-directed menu's. Have done the same thing for the Desktop Icons.

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    You forgot to list one:
    * When Chrome updates itself, the launched application is different from the pinned item on the taskbar, so it is displayed separately

    WRT the desktop icon, I set it to Hidden and Read Only. Users can't pin items to the taskbar here, because of problems like this (and stripping out WMP shortcut etc.) and because I didn't want to explain the difference between "shortcut" and "running program".

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