This has to be the most bizarre and specific problem I have ever come across (and I have come across quite a few!)

I have some new Fujitsu A530 Laptops which I have built using Win7 via WDS and Deployment Workbench, using the same image I am using on other machines without any issues.

The problem only seems to be affecting Microsoft Word. When used connected to the network the laptops work fine and so does MS Office 2003. Looking at the MS Office settings everything looks as expected:

The problem is when using the laptop Offline in Offline Files mode. When loading MS Office 2003 the following two errors are displayed:

Checking the Word Settings again shows these are not what they should be:

And as a result when closing word the following is also displayed:

Now heres the odd thing: This is only happening on these Fujitsu A530 laptops. They are using the same WDS image as the other machines, the same (test) user as other laptops I have tried, exactly the same GPO policies, but it is only these laptops which are having this problems. There is no BIOS update available for these laptops.

I have tried the same config on a Dell Vostro 3700 laptop and it worked totally fine as exepect - No MS Word 2003 issues at all.

I am really looking for some good help from the communitie on this one. Its just not a logical problem at all.