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Windows 7 Thread, Windows Search not Working. in Technical; Hello, I have a few users who cannot use the search function to search their My Documents (which are redirected ...
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    Question Windows Search not Working.


    I have a few users who cannot use the search function to search their My Documents (which are redirected from the server)

    If you try to search for something you know exists it just instantly goes to nothing found. The search does work in other locations.

    I have tried rebuilding the index and that does nothing, the only fix i've found so far is to move their documents to another location and share that out. The search will then work for a little while but will eventually stop working again.

    Anybody experienced this before?


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    It my experience, W7 search is very unreliable. Either install an alternative (eg SuperFinder XT, AstroGrep, TextCrawler, etc) or use FINDSTR at DOS which is reliable under W7.

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