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Windows 7 Thread, Cubase - sounds missing in Technical; We have 6th form students loosing sounds in Cubase for example battery sounds. If I copy the project to a ...
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    Cubase - sounds missing

    We have 6th form students loosing sounds in Cubase for example battery sounds.

    If I copy the project to a stick and play it in another machine the sounds are there but others are missing. The sounds are standards and not downloaded.

    A) Has anyone else had this?
    B) Is there a reason or a quick fix rather than reinstalling this? We don't have this software in our images and have to reinstall on 10 machines individually

    Any help would be much appreciated



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    Battery's sample bank sounds aren't stored with the project. They're stored in a separate location. If users are creating custom patches and moving sounds around, then saving the project won't include that either. The Battery patch will need to be saved manually.

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