I have mixed XP and Win 7 clients on Server 2003 domain. Just ploughing through getting the Win 7 clients to behave properly.

I use a vbs login script which is called from the user account in AD to set network printers. (I know this is prob not the best way to do it, but with mixed environment and NO TRAINING I am sticking with what is familiar). The network printer maps fine and is setting to be the default. But I can still see all the locally installed printers in Devices and Printers. This doesn't happen in XP. There is a part of the script that looks like it is supposed to delete printers before they are set. So is that not working, or is this normal behaviour in Win 7 and do I just have to put up with it??

I must emphasise I am doing this as a learn as you go along thing, so no complicated replies about how to do it with GPP please!