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Windows 7 Thread, Offline files and redirected bits and pieces... in Technical; Chaps... This is the first time I've come up against this on our new windows 7 domain... I have a ...
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    Offline files and redirected bits and pieces...


    This is the first time I've come up against this on our new windows 7 domain...

    I have a laptop that needs to work offline at someone's house. The laptop logs in OK off the network, but as the start menu and my docs are both redirected nothing comes up...

    Can I fix this or should I re build the laptop off the domain and go at it that way?

    The user is an ordinary domain user.

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    Had this yesterday and couldn't work out why it was happening - same laptop build, same GPOs applied etc - but some users weren't getting the folders remapped.

    I found that if I manually redirected the folders to the full path (e.g. \\server\share\foldername) it then seemed to work OK.

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    Create a computer policy with a loopback policy set to replace, set your settings as you would for the laptops and user but don't setup the redirection part (or copy your current policy, enable lookback, remove redirection from it and apply it to the OU with the laptop computer account in it.....EDIT: and change the settings of the GP so that it only applies to a user group such as teachers and the laptop name...if you leave it as authenticated users you'll get it applying to admins.

    Hopefully that makes sense

    I'm fairly sure that's how I've done it, we have their home folders synced to the laptop, their login is similar to what they see in school, and when they come in it automatically syncs their home folders with the network while not worrying about all the other folder redirection for start menus etc we have when running internally.
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