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    Migrating users from NAS to SAN & Restructuring Folder Redirection

    Ok, so here is what I want to do. I currently have all of my staff mapped to a share (using their Home Drive setting in AD) on our old NAS called \\wyom-data\staff\%USERNAME%. We recently purchased a SAN over the Summer and most of the student files reside there. However, I would like to begin moving teachers over to the SAN. But here lies the problem: I want to change the structure of their folders for redirection purposes.

    Currently, Folder Redirection is set as follows:

    Desktop: Assigned by group using the Advanced settings with the path being \\wyom-data\staff\%USERNAME%\Desktop

    Documents: Assigned by group as well, but all paths are %HOMESHARE%%HOMEPATH%

    Downloads: Assigned by groups using the Advanced settings with the path being \\wyom-data\staff\%USERNAME%\Downloads

    Favorites: Assigned by groups using the Advanced settings with the path being \\wyom-data\staff\%USERNAME%\Favorites

    Links: Assigned by groups using the Advanced settings with the path being \\wyom-data\staff\%USERNAME%\Links

    Music: Follows the Documents Folder

    Pictures: Follows the Documents Folder

    Searches: Assigned by groups using the Advanced settings with the path being \\wyom-data\staff\%USERNAME%\Searches

    Start Menu: Assigned by groups using the Advanced settings with the path being \\wyom-data\staff\%USERNAME%\Start Menu

    Videos: Follows the Documents Folder

    Now, what I would like to do is to change it so that the Documents folder no longer points to %HOMESHARE%%HOMEPATH% and instead point it to an actual My Documents folder within their profile. This would have two purposes: 1) To hide their Desktop.ini file so that I stop seeing an entire folder of just Documents when browsing the staff folder and 2)So that teachers donít see so much clutter in their Documents folder (since, at the moment, they see their actual Searches, Start Menu, and all other redirected folders in there). The main problem I see here is that if I make the change to the redirection, how will Windows know what to move from their current HomeDrive into the new My Documents folder? Or would it transfer anything at all? Would I be stuck pretty much manually moving over everyoneís folders to reflect the new structure?

    Further, I would like to actually cut down on some of the things that we are redirecting as they have not really been useful and, at times, a bit annoying (if not problem causing). I would like to get rid of the Searches, Contacts, and Start Menu redirection and use the local folders instead, but Iím not sure what exactly is going to happen when I change that since we use Offline Files and all the teachers have a copy of their Start Menu in their profile. Will that screw things up if I change that setting to point it locally instead?

    Lastly, and this may be better for another thread, but what exactly does everyone use for settings up their user permissions in relation to folder redirection? I thought I had everything setup perfectly for our Students (who are on the SAN) and I setup a Staff folder the same as theirs. However, I just learned today that a student can actually get into anotherís folder and make changes without really that much work. They canít just type in the path in Windows Explorer (which is how I had always tested their access in the past), but, apparently, they can create a shortcut to their volume and access other userís files. So, I was just wondering what everyone uses for their file permissions (both NTFS and Share) as I seemed to have screwed mine up despite reading a decent amount of documentation online before I set it up.

    Sorry if this has been such a long winded question (longest post on Edugeek for me!). Had trouble putting on paper what I wanted it to say (itís a bit complicated as you can see if you have read this farÖ) and itís been a long week! It may be a little early, but I canít wait for Summer

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or helpÖ


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    This is the guide I'm following for setting up home folders and profile folders:

    Best Practice: Roaming Profiles and Folder Redirection (a.k.a. User State Virtualization)


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