Hi its been a while!

My line has brought her laptop to me which I rebuilt last week with Microsoft Windows 7. She is having trouble writing an email when logged in to outlook.com (school email). Other things like clicking on the TO:, Options, and icons appears disabled (not greyed out)

I've installed Firefox on her laptop and tried again which appears to be fine so i know outlook.com is working OK and nothing is blocking it (antivirus) etc

going back to using IE9 I've tried the usual rubbish of completely errasing temp files/ web history but no joy. I did a quick search on the Internet and people appear to be suggesting it is a s/mime issue and that i need to download this. To get to this you have to go to the main screen of your outlook email and click options then See all options, and then settings and s/mime appears along side some other buttons like calendar, general, and Regional. Only problem here is I can even click on Options.

If i go back to firefox and do the following again its fine, all though s/mime is missing.

I'm a little lost and could do with some help if possible please


confused kev