If only this were as simple as classroom machines

Basically what I want to have is a generic Start Menu that we issue to all admin staff users but that can also be added to as some teams need to install additional software etc. Thought about a couple of scenarios...

  • folder redirection to central Start Menu
  • personal redirected Start Menu (same as Documents etc)
  • no redirection at all?

Option 1 means I'll have to update the central one each time someone needs a new piece of software, not fun
Option 2 is what I'm trying now but thinking about it most software installs shortcuts into C:\ProgramData so what value does the redirection actually have?
Option 3 I'm not sure what it will actually do with a new user account, blank Start Menu but just in the local profile folder rather than the network?

I think all I want is the Start Menu to show ProgramData shortcuts plus any personal ones. That should be Option 1 but at the moment I'm getting a blank Start Menu even if I disable the "hide common program groups" option, which I'm finding a bit odd?