I've got a set of netbooks I need to set up to be used externally (won't be touching our network so haven't domained them) but need to have them set up in a specific way:

  • same profile as we use in the classroom
  • custom desktop \ logon wallpaper
  • Documents folder redirected to the D: partition

The first point I've sorted by setting the network mandatory profile to be used locally (works fine), second point done via registry edits and scripts but trying to nail down the last one.

On XP I used edited UserShellFolders and ShellFolders registry keys to redirect the My Documents, Pictures and Videos folder as part of a script in the Startup folder. That worked a treat but Libraries seem to make it work differently on 7. If I set the registry only it makes no difference but if I put custom Libraries files in the profile with the folder I want set as the sole location it seems to work fine.

Question is then I guess whether I need to bother with the registry at all and just use the custom Library files on their own to get the required result?

(alternatively any neater solutions would be appreciated as I can't think of a better way to do it at the moment)