Dear all, we have our Windows 7 network up and running now, and on the whole most things are working sweetly!
During the testing/setting up phase, I wanted to achieve the following:

Folder redirection for 'Desktop' setup to redirect to a set folder on each workstation, independent for staff and pupils


I wanted to make these read-only for security reasons, and to also prevent data loss, so that students couldn't save work on the desktop, then log off and lose it!
During testing, this was working great with our mandatory profiles (we are a highly hot-desking environment) but recently I have noticed a slight delay with logging on with a Personalized Settings...Windows Desktop Update Message in the top left hand corner of the screen for approx 5 secs, on some workstations. But it varies!
(I have set the desktop to have slightly different shortcuts dependant on location/departments around school).

Is this something to do with the desktop folder being read-only for all Domain Users? Do I need to put special permissions on the (dreaded) desktop.ini file, so that it can be updated at logon?

Any help would be appreciated on this small issue.

Many thanks,