First post on this forum so I hope this is in the correct place!

Over the last few months the network manager and I have been working on upgrading our schools network. We have just replaced our (very) old RM servers and moved to 2008R2 which we are running our selves. We have also upgraded the OS we use to windows 7 and have deployed this using SCCM, creating packages for software ect.

When we came to creating a package for CS4 we used the deployment kit provided by adobe, which has worked perfectly, the only problem we have is when students go to run anything CS4, it is prompting for activation and asking for a product key. This has all been built into the CS4 deployment so should not be needed.

I have done some testing and it seems that this problem is ONLY for student user accounts, if a staff member logs on and runs photoshop or any other CS4 product it activates automatically as it should. This is causing a problem for us as having to run CS4 as a staff member on every pc in the school is a big task as we have over 350 pc's.

Student and staff users both have a different profile type and a separate group policy so I have narrowed it down to being either of those. Students use mandatory profiles where as staff use roaming. Both the student and staff policies are very similar permission wise so I am having trouble finding anything that could stop adobe from activating.

What I would like to know is if anyone else has had a similar problem or knows of anything that could be causing this? Any help would be much appreciated so thank you in advance!