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Windows 7 Thread, Laptop Chargers in Technical; ...
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    Laptop Chargers

    (first off, I know this isn't Windows 7 related, but I can't find the hardware, recommendations, how do you do it forums - have these been moved/deleted?)

    Our laptop users want to have two chargers, so they can leave one at home and keep one tucked away neatly on their desk, which is reasonable enough. OEM ones are about £50 and compatible ones on Amazon are £12.99, which is obviously quite a lot less. Are the cheaper ones generally okay or should I get the "proper" one?

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    Its the 16th forum down.

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    i usually buy cheaper ones.

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    With a caveat; I would too.

    Sometime ago, I read a report from a major Trading Standards Dept that found, of a fair sample, NONE of the non-brand power adaptors to meet the BS spec. I'd look somewhere like CPC or MAplin rather than Amazon, as they at least would be there to sue if it came to it!

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