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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 Libraries (Again....) in Technical; I know this subject has been discussed all over the place, but does anyone have a clear, concise guide on ...
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    Windows 7 Libraries (Again....)

    I know this subject has been discussed all over the place, but does anyone have a clear, concise guide on how to remove the 'Libraries' feature of Windows 7? Is it even possible? I've read this post and many others, and have implemented the adm file that did succesfully remove the Libraries, Homegroup and Network icons from the navigation bar. However, this does not remove the libraries feature in the Open or Save dialog boxes. When opening or saving documents, Students are now presented with opening or saving from their 'libraries' folder, rather than the common save locations that they are used to. Folder redirection means that the places shown in their 'Libraries' are actually their home drives (which is good), but I want it to say 'Home Drive' or for them to be able to browse to the 'Student Shared Drive', rather than being locked into saving in folders within the libraries. I hope this makes sense.

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    The main thing for my setup I found was to delete the Default user folders from the image so they weren't created locally once the user logged in and to remove the Public folder. This means if all else fails the libraries can't point at the alternative locations.

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