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Web Development Thread, Joomla questions? in Coding and Web Development; I have been looking into Joomla over the last few weeks and must admit i am impressed with it. I ...
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    Joomla questions?

    I have been looking into Joomla over the last few weeks and must admit i am impressed with it. I have watched Sysmans post and all his hard work to get a School Joomla template up and running and am now tempted to have a go myself. I have a few question to ask first and hope some on can answer them fo rme?

    1. I have read the Joomal School template guide and feel i need to read a l
    little more, are there anymore tutorials about that some one can recommend?

    2. Should i go ahead and start to create my site with Joomla 1.0 or 1.5. I am not sure if 1.5 is out of Beta yet and from the little i have read upgrading to 1.5 from 1.0 looks a little tricky.

    3. Could Joomla be used for a complete VLE option?

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    Re: Joomla questions?

    Hiya Kyle I will get there in the end

    1. Take alook at http://www.joomlatutorials.com/ haven't had a good look there myself, but seems to be mentioned alot.

    2. Can't comment on that one as I haven't the time at the moment to have a play with 1.5. One thinf is 1.0 is very mature now and has a whole heap of add-ons templates available

    3. Depends on what you want need I guess. There is http://www.joomlalms.com/

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    Re: Joomla questions?

    Best way I found with joomla was to install it and have a play around. It's very easy to wipe the install and start again if you really mess it up (which is quite hard) That's what I did, and 3 weeks later we had a staff intranet running on it! I'm running version 1.0.12 which is very very stable, don't think I've had a single problem with it really.


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    Re: Joomla questions?

    Yeah, I agree. Just play about with it. If possible, do two installations of it so you can use one as a test area. Then when doing anything you are unsure of, you can do it in the test area first.

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