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Web Development Thread, New Website in Coding and Web Development; I have been asked to look at our school website and to design a new one, not really upto speed ...
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    New Website

    I have been asked to look at our school website and to design a new one, not really upto speed on HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP does anyone know of any handy guides online or could recommend me a couple of books which could help me build up knowledge?

    Also I am looking at designing a Joomla template, as we want a good content management system. we want to host it internally on IIS7, had a look at a few walk throughs on how to install joomla on IIS7 but they haven't been very helpful so if anyone has any guides on that part as well that would be great.

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    Hi neilmc,

    i cant help on the guides for iis. The Net tuts web site has a plenty of info on the basics. I you need any help then just PM me!

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    I always find W3Schools Online Web Tutorials a good source of information with good tutorials and reference guides for HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript etc.
    Book wise, I have to hand Sams HTML and CSS in 24 hours, Sams CSS in 10 minutes reference guide and Sams PHP, MySQL and Apache All in One guide - all decent reads with a lot in them for getting going with web site building.

    Building on Joomla, your best bet is to read through the beginners guide Beginners - Joomla! Documentation.

    Installing Joomla on IIS is really simple using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer Windows Web App Gallery - Joomla! 1.6

    Hope some of thats helpful

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