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Web Development Thread, Doing a favour for family :( in Coding and Web Development; My mum mentioned she needed a website doing for her work. I found myself volunteering (almost without conscious thought) I ...
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    Doing a favour for family :(

    My mum mentioned she needed a website doing for her work. I found myself volunteering (almost without conscious thought)

    I am fairly clueless when it comes to web design, so I thought a simple Joomla/wordpress/google site would do the trick, but oh no she has specific ideas!! HOMEPAGE.docx

    Any idea's on a simple way of achieving this look (see doc attached)

    It's for a worthy cause, my mum runs a womens/family refuge for women and children at risk from abuse.

    See doc.


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    I'd move things around a bit to make your life easier and give it a slight more standard look.

    I'd move the link to the left or the top to make a menu bar - standard navigation.

    Put the logo in the header

    Then give your self a couple of blocks to display the other content - perhaps in a slider like the word press one that gets around.

    Put the address in the footer

    Yuo can then find a theme that fits the look as close as possible and go from there.

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    You could do this by getting wordpress template from a decent reseller. If you don't know much about web design then (no offence) it will take a long time to get your head round the implications of building a website that will handle articles and sort-of dynamic page content.

    If you're still stuck let me know and could find some time to give you a hand once the summer holidays are here?

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