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Web Development Thread, Joomla 1.5 in Coding and Web Development; Ok, so I have joomla installed and working with the sample data in it. Trouble is for some reason, I ...
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    Joomla 1.5

    Ok, so I have joomla installed and working with the sample data in it.
    Trouble is for some reason, I just can't get my head around how to do simple things like change the logo picture!
    I have chosen a template that looks ok for what I want.
    I have watched countless you tube vids on how to do this ,that and the other, but I just it just doesn't seem to be clicking.
    So has anyone got any 'idiots guide' to modding Jommla please?
    I have not a single artistic bone in my body (which doesn't help lol). But I am familiar with sql php etc.
    I understand the concept, but to me for something that is supposed to be dynamic, I seem to nee to go and edit the template code a lot.
    So can anyone help please?

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    Normally the logo is a jpg/phg/gif file in your template folder.

    So have a look through there and see if you can spot it.

    Then download it (via FTP for instance) modify to your new needs (keep same dimensions to start with) and re-upload.

    Then if you need to change its size you'll neeed to start editing the template css file (and thats when the real fun starts )

    What's the template BTW and is there a link to your site?



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    Install Firebug in firefox and you'll find life a lot easier, with a simply right click>>>>inspect element and it'll tell you what its called and where you'll find it

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