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Web Development Thread, Live web cam on home page in Coding and Web Development; Hi How would I go about putting a live web cam feed on our science home page? What would i ...
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    Live web cam on home page


    How would I go about putting a live web cam feed on our science home page? What would i need to do this, can I do it without a pc? I jaw know idea about the equipment. I can get our web developers to add it in tonour home
    Page but not sure if I need to tell them about any extra software or source code for a product.

    I know people do it with bird boxes etc...

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    You've got a couple of options. First option is a standard, PC connected webcam using something like TinCam WebCam Software or similar - this can produce a streaming camera video or it can produce periodic snapshots which you'd then have the web page refresh to display.

    The other option is to buy a network webcam which would then produce a webstream which would be made publicly available to outside users, and embedded in your page, or could do a similar thing to the normal webcam and store a photo periodically on a pre-determined server which would be displayed on the webpage, and would be refreshed as and when you set it to.

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