Hi there guys

Even I have just updated our website from html, which only one person that doesnt work for the school had to be contacted just to update it. We are now using Wordpress, I find it's a pretty good system. But I have found a lot of things that cant be changed easy. For example if I wanted to change the layout of the website, I cant without some knowlege of php, which I dont have.

So I have been trying out Sharepoint 2010. This way only people I give rights to, can change and update the website, just like wordpress. So its not back down to the one person job.

Ok some questions

How do you think I should set out the website?

Like it is now, with the student, staff, parents caterorys?

Was thinking of a left navagiation menu

and possiblely getting someone to make more like icons like this to navgate through the site instead of menus (Will have a title under the icon too)

Comic iPhone Icons: Graph Icon

How easy would it be to create a logon page with a username and password box for each of the sites everyone use

This would be Exchange 2007, Remote Desktop Web, Moodle, My Maths, Accipio Learning, Sam Learning (Think that is it)

So if possiable have a dropdown box which you can select what you want to logon to and then enter the username and password for that site is the logon boxes