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Web Development Thread, Domain and Hosting in Coding and Web Development; Can anyone give me some guidance on how to register a .sch.uk domain with nominet and who to host it ...
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    Domain and Hosting

    Can anyone give me some guidance on how to register a .sch.uk domain with nominet and who to host it with and how to register with them for the hosting?

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    Contact a registrar to get an account set up on which to stick the domain name registration then just follow the instructions on Nominet's site... Nominet - Schools
    In terms of hosting, up to you whether you want it inhouse or not - if you want to integrate web features with AD for SSO then inhouse hosting makes things simpler, and can be done over a 4Mb down 2Mb up ADSL connection - we use PlusNet to provide our ADSL connection, and to host our DNS for the web domain which just points everything at our ADSL connection's public IP. You can also get YHGfL to set up reverse proxying etc so you can run your own server over their connection should you so desire, but there will be a lot of security implications that they will insist you deal with, and you'll be limited as to what ports you can have open, hence we use our own ADSL connection.

    If running your own webserver inhouse, cPanel will do you a lifetime license for WHM/cPanel for a grand total of £15 as an educational establishment. All you then need is a box running CentOS or FreeBSD to stick it on.

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    As has been said Nominet will do the domain for you if you contact them, and I would personally use CS New Media for the hosting of the domain once you get it sorted, Carl is excellent and has been ace for me his service is top notch

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    Yeah if you wish to register a .sch.uk domain your best bet is to contact Nominet, If you need any advice on this and likewise if your looking at web hosting i recommend you speak to Carl @ CS New Media who I am sure would be happy to help you out.

    Also, If you do a search on EduGeek you should find this question around which has been asked before. (EduGeek Search does work) :-)


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