Hi all,

We host our school website (basically the Edugeek Joomla template :P) on site and we recently moved from hosting on an old Linux box to a new server running Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS 7. I was having issues getting PHP to install/work so I used the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. I got the site up and running but now ldap authentication doesn’t work at all. If I even enable it I can’t sign in with a local account. I just get a “500 Internal Server Error”. The only way to go back in is to edit the sql database to change the ldap plug in to disabled. I have looked around and some post say to edit the php.ini file and uncomment a section, but when I look the line to uncomment is not there…

Dose any one know how to get PHP working with LDAP when installed from Microsoft Web Platforms? Or am I going to have to uninstall it and install PHP ‘properly’?

Also on a side note dose any one know of a good plug-in that allow students (ldap users) to log in and get a page with the contents of a shared folder? One of the teachers wants to be able to put work up on the website so students that are sick/away can download it, not looking for a full on VLE just wanting to host a few work sheets.