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Web Development Thread, Register .sch.uk domain and hosting in Coding and Web Development; Hi need to set up our new school site asap just unsure about registering the domain name with nominet and ...
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    Register .sch.uk domain and hosting

    Hi need to set up our new school site asap just unsure about registering the domain name with nominet and who to use as a host.

    Also in which order do I need to register these, the hosting package first with someone who supports ips tags?

    I need a host that with lots of sub domains and mysql databases for wordpress and perhaps moodle etc.

    So any ideas perhaps a small guide would be appreciated thanks

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    You could try hosting yourself on an internal webserver? Or there are plenty of hosting companies out there including uk based PipeTen which I use. I would say sign up to Nominet asap as it might take a while for the application to go through. In the mean time you can get on with putting the new site on the hosting.

    For a better hosting solution you can try WebFusion for a more complex and versatile way of hosting.

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    don't think you can just go and register a .sch.uk domain... speak to the LA they'll already have (or should have at least) a domain regsitered for your school, assuming you're in a state school. If you're an indy / public school use a .org type domain.

    As far as hosts go... I'd rec CS New Media top service and a top guy who runs the firm!

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    You do not register a .sch.uk, your LA deals with it. Once allocated, you can apply to Nominet to change it (if, like ours, your LA has a really stupid naming scheme).

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