I am trying to upload a fairly large number of images to our school website (joomla 1.5). The flash uploader doesn't seem to work at all, and I can only upload 1 image at a time using the normal joomla uploader. So methinks I'll use FTP.

Our host is our local CLC, and I have FTP access to the joomla folder. I can upload straight into the images/stories directory, but I cant upload into any subfolders I have created in the images/stories directory using the joomla backend - I get a 550 permission denied error. If i create a folder using the FTP program, I can upload fine into there, but then when it comes to pointing my gallery to that folder (very simple image gallery plugin), I get an error saying the folder doesn't exist - even though I can browse that folder in the joomla media manager and view all the pics.

Somebody help meeeeee!! I have to have some galleries up by thursday as the head is presenting the website to the govenors.

I have looked at the folder permissions and they all seem to be fine.
I keep seeing php.ini mentioned, but I don't know what it does and I dont think I have access to it to have a looksie. Could it be permission errors related to this file?

Any and all suggestions/advice would be much appreciated