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Web Development Thread, Can I do this?? Any Ideas Welcome!! in Coding and Web Development; An idea has been presented to me by a teacher... They want to build a 'virtual school' as part of ...
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    Talking Can I do this?? Any Ideas Welcome!!

    An idea has been presented to me by a teacher...

    They want to build a 'virtual school' as part of our website.

    I've created a virtual staffroom for the school anyway, but that was only basic image mapping.
    Could I use image mapping as I have previously and add animations on rollover? Say, a collection of around 20 image maps linking to each other through a central 'corridor'? If so, how can I go about learning how to put these animations on a rollover, previously I've only got as far as an image swap, I'm trying to understand how to use what type of animation...

    Or am I thinking completely along the wrong lines, I don't want to spend days on this, but it seems like it could be quite simple or extremely complicated!!!

    If anyone could share any ideas on how the best way for me to do this would be I will be EXTREMELY greatful!!!


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    I would have thought flash would have been the easiest way? Haven't done it myself, but this looks like a good tutorial...

    Virtual Reality Tours in Flash

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