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Web Development Thread, Site causing problems? in Coding and Web Development; Park Lane Vintage Wedding Car hire - Home When I was putting the site together, no problems were reported by ...
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    Site causing problems?

    Park Lane Vintage Wedding Car hire - Home

    When I was putting the site together, no problems were reported by the guy I was doing it for. I was uploading the site for him to view (on my own hosting) as I was making changes. I was also checking 'development' in the 4 major browsers without any problems at all.

    It is now complete and is being hosted by his son's preferred host.

    Now he says that in IE8, the "contact" and "link" pages have coloured bands that go horizontally right across the page. There isn't a problem in his Firefox.

    Oddly enough, the pages with the problems are exactly the same code as the other pages without problems, the only difference is a bit of text and the odd jpeg.

    I cannot replicate the problem across 7 different Windows machines and 1 Mac Pro trying at least 4 different browsers.

    Can anyone else take a look and see if this site gives problems in IE8 please? It might be a bit slow, and the design was not entirely my idea, so I'm not looking for a critique, just to know if anyone is getting this 'striping' across the pages mentioned.

    He says there are two bands across the page, and, as he looks at it, a 3rd appears.

    I have got him to clear his cache, refresh and reload, and he says it is still there.

    I have no idea what the problem is, if indeed there is one.

    If anyone sees the problem, please screen shot it for me!

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    I cant see any problems with it in IE8 on Win7
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    IE8 on Vista with and without compatibilty mode = all okay for me! No sign of any striping

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    IE8 on XP - no problems at any zoom level, text size, or compatibility mode.

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