Hi everyone,
I want to build a room booking web application with the MRBS .
MRBS: Introduction --> this is its main page , you can read the instructions and download the source from here.

I already bought a host on ixwebhosting.com . It has myphpadmin and myslq server.

So base on the installation instruction of the mrbs , so far these are what I have done :

  • create a domain on ixwebhosting , eg : www.xyz.com
  • download the source of mrbs and extract it on my PC
  • upload the "web" folder and all of its content and subfolders to the domain that I just created, so now it is like that : www.xyz.com/web/...
  • I create a database on mysql server with six tables (from the file tables.my.sql in the source)

and then .... I got stuck I'm just a dummy on php and sql (

So what I have to do next ? how to connect the web to the database? anything else that need to be configured ?

plz plz help me