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Web Development Thread, VPS/Shared in Coding and Web Development; Originally Posted by russdev Must admit would go with Carl if it wasn't for the fact current host I am ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by russdev View Post
    Must admit would go with Carl if it wasn't for the fact current host I am on I get unlimited bandwidth (10Mbps connection).

    Is anything 'unlimited' though as per the earlier comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mossj View Post
    Well once again csnewmedia proved themselves to be the elite...

    Got a PM back before lunch today, they will manage the installation for me on a VPS, they also advised me on what spec I should go for.

    Not got cPanel, but plesk from past experience is just as quick (the reason for wanting cPanel)...
    Glad to find that Carl has been able to sort you out as you needed

    I have no problems with CS New Media's Plesk setup, I am a happy CS New Media customer and use plesk for managing my reseller hosting package, and its simple and quick, I prefer it over cpanel (which is what interface I have for our VLE package at work) so much more user friendly and nice to use I find Plesk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edu-IT View Post
    Is anything 'unlimited' though as per the earlier comments.
    My vps is with Rackforce and yes is unlimited. Also very good support.

    But saying that going to have a closer look (maybe going to have to be next month I suspect as will have to have both running at same time to do the transfer etc which means double the cost etc.) at Carls VPS as my bandwidth usage should be come under the limits..

    Also now that I have found this it should be easy to move from cpanel to plesk http://www.webhostingtalk.com/archiv.../t-383144.html

    As said Rackforce is great but the servers being hosted in the UK would be useful..

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