Hi guys,

Not sure if this would be the right forum as the official OOZ support forum seems pretty dead these days.

Ok i setup a fresh install if 1.8 on Ubuntu server. I setup mailgate to pull in from a pop account, i had a little trouble getting crontab to do this so i was testing it manually by opening the mailgate.php in a browser which worked no problem.

Now since crontab is working im getting the following error:
+OK Dovecot ready. <1230.4.4ac3d74f.S7Bu4lGoVVgQ8c/vSZPlbg==@yhgfladm2> +OK +OK Logged in. Ack: +OK, Num Messages: 1 ***New mail*** 
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/helpdesk/mailgate/mailGate.php on line 334 Receipt emailed for ticket #99 Ticket #99 - Page emailed to: ,,,,
no template +OK Marked to be deleted.
Now nothing...and i mean nothing has changed since it was working earlier. I have tried sending the emails with attachments and without, plain text, HTML and Rich text all with the same result.

Weird thing is the tickets are created but duplicated, which is obviously wrong.

I have looked at other peoples posts regarding this but nothing has been conclusive in resolving it.

any ideas guys?