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Web Development Thread, Google Apps and CC3 in Coding and Web Development; I've been working with a school which is having some trouble with their email systems (they use something called IMail) ...
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    Google Apps and CC3

    I've been working with a school which is having some trouble with their email systems (they use something called IMail) on a CC3 network.

    I looked at exchange servers but they seem very expensive. I also had a look at google apps education and this looks to provide all the functionality of an exchange server for free!

    It doesn't look that easy to set up though, has anyone else got any experience of this? I guess its possible to set it up to authenticate against active directory?

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    We use the opensource/free version of this: Zimbra offers Open Source email server software and shared calendar for Linux and the Mac

    It is easy to setup and links with active directory. it offers all the features of exchange, plus some extras.

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    There is a method of sync'ing AD to it.

    google-apps-for-your-domain-ldap-sync - Google Code

    I'm a bit of a zimbra man myself, I don't know how much 'administrative tools' you can get with the hosted google apps provision to investigate incidents such as cyber bullying etc internally.

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    Another vote for Zimbra here, but you will obviously need the time and a bit of Linux knowledge to help you set it up.

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    What specific issues with iMail are they having?? (It's Ipswitch Mail Server - works fine for us - generally not a lot can go wrong with it to be honest as it's that basic)

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