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Web Development Thread, Show webpage based on group membership in Coding and Web Development; OK so this should be fun as I have no ASP knowledge, but am willing to start picking it up ...
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    Show webpage based on group membership

    OK so this should be fun as I have no ASP knowledge, but am willing to start picking it up as I go.

    For our remote webfolders webpage (RM Easylink), I want to be able to display a page based on a users AD membership. So staff will see the staff shared folder, students see the students, etc.
    I've looked through a couple of help pages but cannot find anything definitive.
    All I want is a main page, with a login link. When you enter your details, it checks against AD and if you are in the student group, you get student.asp page, if you are in staff, you get staff.asp....each with different webfolder mappings.
    Is this possible?

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    In IIS turn on Windows Integrated Authentication (this will mean the user will noe even need ot log on using username/password unless they are accessing it from a non-domain machine - eg from outside network)
    add this line to the system.web section of your web.config
    <authentication mode="Windows"/>

    put the following (rough - it may need refined) code in the Page_Load of your default.aspx:

    If User.IsInRole("Staff") then
    else od User.IsInRole("Students") then
    end if

    For additonal securoty create a web.config in you staff folder and add the following code to it which will ensure students still cant view enve by entering a direct url

    <allow roles="DomainName\Staff" />
    <deny users="*" />

    above assumes all staff accounts are ina group called staff and all student accounts are in a student group

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