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Web Development Thread, Joomla and SEF URLS in Coding and Web Development; Hi, I'm a bit stuck and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Part of my job is to support ...
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    Joomla and SEF URLS

    Hi, I'm a bit stuck and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

    Part of my job is to support primarys on various IT related things. One of them asked me to help build a website with a lady that works there. We used joomla, I created a template for her out of the images shed used on her static html. It was set up originally on her friends hosting under a subdomain. Everything worked, she set Joomla! to use SEF URLS, so it was "www.123domain.dom/noticeboard" etc. When she decided she wanted to get her own hosting I shifted everything over. Files, SQL db etc. I changed the configuration file, imported the DB and everythings up and working.

    If I switch SEF on it doesn't work. If I use sef without apache mod re-write and you click on a link you get the relevant page but with no images or styles. If I put mod re-write on you get 404. If I put suffixs on with mod rewrite I get 404, If I put suffixes on without mod re-write I get "component not found" from joomla (for whatever I click on).

    htacces is there, all the files, the logs etc etc is all there. I may very well have missed something stupid

    Joomla 1.5.9 with a modified rokwebify template. Components installed are JCal Pro, Phoca DLM and RS Gallery 2.

    Any Ideas?


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    Have you configured .htaccess correctly? or is it just 'there'

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    yep, just rename the htaccess.txt to .htaccess before activating and that should work fine know.

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