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Web Development Thread, web page for restoreing work in Coding and Web Development; Originally Posted by garethedmondson How much space does Shadow Copy take up? How much space do I need on my ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by garethedmondson View Post
    How much space does Shadow Copy take up? How much space do I need on my servers?

    Or can I get shadow copy to put the older files on a NAS box?

    This is before I start reading - lol

    I'm not sure on this - I get the feeling that it takes up however much space is required - meaning that it takes 'snapshots', so if say one of your drives on day 1 has 100GB used, and on day 2 it has 110GB, then I *think* the snapshot is 10GB. It may have compression in there somewhere too but I'm not sure.

    As for moving shadow-copies to another drive/NAS, I don't know if this is possible - I don't think it is, but IF it is - then I'd start using Shadow Copies myself.

    I hope this helps... even if it's a little bit



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    Well- all looks good here. Created a new parition on our server of 300Gb and then set the drive I wanted to copy to save files there.

    Checked the schedule - twice a day - once during the lunch hour (12:40)and once when school has ended for the day (19:00) - I'm not sure how much of a performance hit there will be at 12:40 - hopefully not much - but if there is then I will just do it once a day.

    The client has been installed on two test machines and the first copy will be done this evening. It will then run daily from Monday.

    Does anyone know what sort of performance hit is on the server when it takes it's copies?


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