Evening all

I'm trying to think of a way to allow staff to ban internet for individual students. I have been thinking along the lines of an ASP or ASP.net form that allows the member of enter the students logon, and a reason for banning that student. The page will then move the students account from their normal OU, to our 'special' OU, which pumps out incorrect proxy settings. To work alongside the CSE tools that we use, it would also be nice to modify their group membership, and remove them from '200x intake', and add in 'special'. This will then stop them getting the Internet Explorer shortcut as well.

The logic I'm thinking of is the page moves the student account, changes group membership, and then writes to an SQL Express database, recording their username (Staff's), Student Logon, Date / Time and reason.

The process should also be reversible by staff, so they can unban. Over time, a record of that user's internet status can be built up, and a second page can show all activity for a student, using a 'SELECT * FROM Table WHERE Student = aStudent'.

I was just wondering if anyone has ever achieved something like this? I was thinking along the lines of the pages constructing the correct DSMod and DSMove commands, and executing them. However, I can't see a simple way to do this.