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    website with nice ASP.Net tutorial vids

    Was browsing through a rather new website called Code Chronicles; what was supposed to be a guide through the history of programming turned out to be a fancy ASP.Net ballyhoo. This is the first time I saw Silverlight in action, I guess itís alrite, but donít see any difference between that and FlashÖ maybe apart from the right click controls on videos, I liked that.

    Anyway, thereís almost no information about other programming languages that are not related to ASP.Net; however I still liked some aspects of the site. Those are: the download section, with Express Editions of Visual Web Developer 2008 and SQL Server, and the support section. Here is where it gets interesting: Microsoft prepared quite a few tutorials vids for ASP.Net. I watched a few of them, and I have to say I like them. The authors assumed that there would be people watching the site with all possible backgrounds, so there are videos for people who never did any programming before, and for those who are familiar with PHP, etc. The vids pretty much make up for the rest of the site (even though I do like the layout). They are a bit bugged though Ė I had to watch them in fullscreen. Could be just me though.

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