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Web Development Thread, Classic ASP on IIS8 in Coding and Web Development; I'm going to have to give up with this as its doing my head in! But just in case anyone ...
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    Classic ASP on IIS8

    I'm going to have to give up with this as its doing my head in! But just in case anyone has had any luck running a classic ASP web site on Server 2012 IIS 8!

    I have a legacy website that pulls info from an sql server (which is hosted on the same server as the IIS) - the code references the server through a DSN name and has worked fine on Server 2003 for years.

    However , i just get the usual IIS error when running it on IIS8:

    The code snippet is like this:

     Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
       QUERY = "Select statement here...."
       rs.Open QUERY, "System DSN name here"
       If not rs.EOF and not rs.bof Then
       ' generates table of info

    So either ADODB/Sql server queries aren't allowed on IIS8 or I'm barking up the wrong tree! I've set the DefaultAppPool to allow 32bit apps, and checked the 32bit DSN is working fine.

    The way its going I'll have to keep a 2003 server for some years yet!

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    You still have until July 2015, so plenty of time to plan and test a replacement. Alternatively, try IIS 7/7.5 with it - you've got years of life left in those yet http://support.microsoft.com/lifecyc...ilter=FilterNO.
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