So I'll admit this isn't the most exciting of threads but I'm looking for some advice from the community at large.

I'm developing an in-house online analysis tool. All going great so far but now I'm about to add context filters to the results; things like Ethnicity, SEN, Pupil Premium etc. that staff can use to filter the analysis to their chosen focus group.

That's all fine, not a problem, but where you lot come in is that I need to design the layout for these filters in such a way as to be easy to use and completely non-intimidating.

I've already got a couple of ideas, first and foremost to hide the bulk of the options until required (by way of a slide in/out panel) but if anyone uses any similar system; not necessarily student analysis but some system that has a lot of filtering options; could you possibly share screenshots of ones you find intuitive and easy to use?

Thanks all!