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Web Development Thread, HTML5 Canvas and IE in Coding and Web Development; Anybody that can help me with this question will already be aware of the limitations of IE and the HTML5 ...
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    HTML5 Canvas and IE

    Anybody that can help me with this question will already be aware of the limitations of IE and the HTML5 canvas (essentially - it doesn't exist)

    The chart plotting library I'm using (Flot) relies on the Canvas element to draw. It comes bundled with ExCanvas for IE support, but I found this to be unacceptably slow when it comes to interactivity (simply enabling highlighting on hover slows it to a snail's pace).

    FlashCanvas is much more responsive but unfortunately the free version allows no customisation over the context menu, which includes a "Save as image" option that relies on a PHP script. My site is ASP.NET and I have no desire to try running PHP alongside it just for the sake of a single script. As I have zero budget, FlashCanvas Pro is off the cards.

    So my question is, is anybody aware of any other libraries that will provide Canvas support in IE?

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    HTML5 Canvas is supported in IE9 and above. Unfortunately IE8 accounts for the largest proportion of internet traffic still. If it wasn't a commercial website I'd just make it a requirement that the users use a modern browser, or have reduced functionality/poorer UX. There is no better alternative for ExCanvas and FlashCanvas (depending on your needs), that I know of.

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