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Web Development Thread, School Jotter in Coding and Web Development; Hi Everyone, Well we went to the Bett conference yesterday to have a good look around and my new boss ...
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    School Jotter

    Hi Everyone,

    Well we went to the Bett conference yesterday to have a good look around and my new boss ran into a company called 'webanywhere',
    they were promoting a product called 'school jotter' (School Websites - School Web Design, CMS and Hosting - School Jotter Website Builder) then came back raving about it.

    Does anybody know anything about the site and how much it costs ???, I did ask them while I was there but they seemed to be
    a bit shy when you ask how much it is going to cost.


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    School Jotter is good for schools with a few pages, easy to set up and up date, designs (Themes) are changeable in seconds, and a lot of nice built in objects to include in your pages.

    If your like me, just updating the site while eating your KFC on a night, then this is ideal, I haven't used their new VLE but I should imagine in terms of ease of use, it should be good.

    I actually cancelled my contract with them because I wanted to run my own thing inhouse using joomla but it seems to be more troubled then I bargained for..

    If you want a try out ring for a demo and they will set you up pretty sharpish.

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    Their WYSIWYG editor is appalling, it constantly messes up what you input into it. Not to mention their actual site designs are pretty bad overall, can't believe they actually show them off. Plus their sites always go down on snow days, as they have so many schools hosted you can probably imagine what ends up happening.
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