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Web Development Thread, web based helpdesk in Coding and Web Development; Originally Posted by timbo343 Have a look at spiceworks. I Second Spiceworks...We've customised it so that one installation caters for ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by timbo343 View Post
    Have a look at spiceworks.
    I Second Spiceworks...We've customised it so that one installation caters for 4 Academies plus a couple of other organisations that are associated with the Academies. Seams to be working very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m25man View Post
    We switched to ZenDesk too, only needed the basic tools so $20 per year for 3 technicians donations to charity seemed to tick all the boxes.
    What is in the 'starter' one?

    Edit: Oh, found it here. http://www.zendesk.com/product/compare

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattx View Post
    I have just installed a seporate instance of it for a department [ after turning off all the bells and whilstles ] so they can track and trace their own departments issues.
    I think it's one of the best free helpdesk systems out there.
    Seconded that option, I have customised it for the Site Team and made a custom language to replace IT Support style references with Site Team so staff feel comfortable with it as it looks the same as the IT one and works the same just a different colourset

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    We use OTRS (OTRS Help Desk software - OTRS IT Service Management software - Free Open Source Help Desk - Problem Management System - Customer Interaction Software | OTRS). Very powerful and configurable, can accept email or web tickets. If you go for OTRS ITSM then you get an ITIL compliant system.

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    I use webhelpdesk its not free but it is what our ITC uses so that's what we got too. It used to be made my mac design studio but they got acquired by solar winds this past summer.

    It is very customizable, accepts tickets through email or web interface. You can set up a number of locations and categories etc.

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    We use Redmine

    Having looked at many of helpdesk systems (including all of those mentioned in this thread) we ended with something which isn't even really designed as a helpdesk system (it's a project management application which has issue tracking incorporated within it). We find that it is helpful to have all of our projects and support work in one system and this is something which, in my view at least, Spiceworks doesn't do particularly well.

    In terms of using it as a helpdesk it has everything we needed:

    1. Free
    2. LDAP integration (if you want it)
    3. Web portal and email ticketing support
    4. Prioritisation

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    I did stumble across a VM appliance for RT
    havent fired it up yet but that would appear to take some of the setup hassle away
    might be worth a look RT 3.8.7 VMWare appliance with RTFM | Groundtactics.com

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    I used WebHelpdesk (now part of SolarWinds so not sure what pricing is like)
    Worked a treat and very easy to use (both for Admins[Techs] and End-users

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