Putting this out there for those who have an interest.

Dear all,

I'm trying to schedule the first Computing at School (CAS) South Wales Hub meeting of 2012: sometime in the first weeks of February at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff CF5 2YB. Please complete the Doodle poll with your availability/interest:


It has been a busy few months with regards to computer science in schools, but the big question for this Hub meeting is how we can galvanise the Welsh Government to support the teaching of computer science, as well as providing better support for ICT teachers. Also, I'll give an overview of what I have been doing from a policy perspective, as well as our work with Technocamps (especially the planning for the second joint summer conference in July).

Ideas/future talk suggestions/agenda items are also very much welcome. Please feel free to pass this invitation to anyone who you think would be interested in attending this CAS Hub meeting, especially teachers.