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Wales Thread, Welsh LA & Moodle / VLE in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Originally Posted by pooley Do any of the welsh LA's centrally manage Moodle/VLE for the schools within their authority? Had ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by pooley View Post
    Do any of the welsh LA's centrally manage Moodle/VLE for the schools within their authority?

    Had a meeting today with LA and they eager to know if this is being managed centrally anywhere or just by individual schools ?


    Swansea LEA host central Moodle installations for their 15 secondary schools. They are currently using 1.8.3.

    It's quite quick but we all use the same template. They then use Shibboleth to provide a single log on.

    If you wish to speak to someone PM me and I will ask them if/when they are available.


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    Well - our LEA is now in the process of implementing Moodle for all schools.

    I had my first bit of introduction/training last friday - and my school now has it's own moodle site! Wooooo!!!

    First things to do is to sort out a nice template and get all of our existing website moved over (going to use moodle as the main school website too).

    Usual LEA restrictions apply though - can't access the moodle folder structure directly, so every time I change the template, I can't test it immediateley, and have to email it to the LEA for them to upload. :/

    Exited though. Been waiting for this for a while!

    All moodle accounts are provided from the LEA learning network. As we are on our own CC3 network this poses problems and questions. Can we get our CC3 network to use the LEA network accounts? Or will we have to move to the LEA network if we wish to use unified accounts...


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