Need to import external data to SharePoint list and export Sharepoint list to SQL, Orcale, or MySQL? SharePoint Data Connector Web Part provides a convenient and secure way to access external data completely within SharePoint. Including sharepoint sql server connection, SharePoint Data Connector also support data connection among sharepoint and other systems, such as, Oracle Database and My SQL, etc.

Additionally, this solution allows you to export SharePoint list and library in SharePoint as a set of normalized tables to any external database or you can use SharePoint as the default user interface to update or add to your external data.

This lightweight out-of-the-box solution provides many business data processing optimization possibilities.

Key features of Data Connector ( Sharepoint Boost)
Integrate Existing Applications with SharePoint
Data Connector can import data to SharePoint list from multiple external data sources or export SharePoint list to external data( sharepoint list to sql/mysql/oracle) . It is a perfect solution to integrate existing applications from different systems with SharePoint.
Multiple Connectors Available
The SharePoint Data Connector supports multiple popular connectors such as, Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2008 R2, Oracle Database and My SQL 5.0 Database, etc. More options will be available in the future.
Easy and Powerful Column Mapping Capabilities
When connect sharepoint list and external data, Map columns between external data record fields and SharePoint list columns to ensure that information is synced accurately.
Background Update
Data Connector works automatically in background by timer job or manually through central control panel.
Central Control Panel
Administrators can manage external data import/export profiles from a centralized control panel.
Log and Track Errors
As an administrator, when transfer data from sharepoint list to sql, track and record errors by setting a log schedule or by enabling Email notification, so that you will be notified whenever an error occurred during background updates.