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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, SharePoint and Mapped Drives in Technical; Not sure if this is where its supposed to go. We have SharePoint 2010 installed in school and staff use ...
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    SharePoint and Mapped Drives

    Not sure if this is where its supposed to go.

    We have SharePoint 2010 installed in school and staff use it at home for mapped drives, But when a Member of staff creates a hyperlink in a document to the staff drive it doesn't work when they come back into school, as the path is obviously different, anyone know anything about sharepoint 2010 and if there is a way to over come this?

    basically Staff maps drive to sharepoint and creates a link, comes back into school and connects to the network which then maps the staff drive direct to the system instead of going through sharepoint.

    Im currently going along the lines of no but just wanted to check.


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    I'm guessing from what you've said that you're using a different URL/domain on site (i.e. \\sharepoint.local\site\etc...) from what you are using offsite (i.e. \\sharepoint.myschool.ac.uk\site\etc....) ?

    We're using SharePoint in same way and don;t have this problem, but our internal and external domain names and URL's are the same.

    Assuming it's just the domain element of the URL that differs you could create a dummy DNS entry in your internal DNS that matches the external DNS entry but points to the servers internal IP address.

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    agreed with @cscott above... you need to set up split dns so that you can use the same point of access whether onsite or offsite. Im having to do this myself right now too!

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