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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Moving moodle to IIS in Technical; Has anybody here ever moved from Apache to IIS with moodle? We have had moodle for about 9 months on ...
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    Moving moodle to IIS

    Has anybody here ever moved from Apache to IIS with moodle?

    We have had moodle for about 9 months on a Windows 2003 Server box using Apache.

    I have somthing that is ASP based that i want to put on the same box, but apache apparently out of the box does not support asp. I've seen some addon's but i do not want to mess too much.

    Now is there a simple way for me to move from apache to IIS with very little downtime for moodle?

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    Re: Moving moodle to IIS

    just a thought and im sure someone will clear this up if i have got it completely wrong........ but

    the ASP app that you have got, could you not set up IIS but have it listening on another port for the ASP and then that way you dont have to worry about messing with your moodle set up

    Like i said i dont know if this will work and have never tired it just an idea

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    Re: Moving moodle to IIS

    Yep, you can just change the port in IIS admin. It's under the site settings.

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    Re: Moving moodle to IIS

    We use another server running IIS for any asp applications.

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