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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, [Frog] Access to Frog Server in Technical; Does anyone have a Linux login to their actual frog server? or is everything done through the toolkit and front ...
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    [Frog] Access to Frog Server

    Does anyone have a Linux login to their actual frog server? or is everything done through the toolkit and front end? Just curious as we don't seem to, and I was wondering if new customers got that information.

    Thanks in Advance


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    I don't think they allow it, everything is done via the toolkit. What did you want/need access for?

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    Nope, although at the start I had to make some system changes that I did and they provided a username/password (which have been forgotten with my bad memory after about 2 mins). Since then though I have not needed to touch the linux box it self, as mentioned by @bmdixon you shouldnt need to really everything is in the toolkit AKA Backup/Shutdown and basic server changes to your websites.

    Dont think Frog would feel comfortable giving out those details just to cause more problems, I certainly wouldnt

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