First - I am neither an IT technologist/developer nor am I a teacher, I'm a governor - so many apologies in advance for my lack of (ehem) education, understanding and my personal surfeit of laziness, but this is always such a helpful and knowledgeable forum I thought I'd try to ask some dumb questions about Fronter and more generally identity management.

The secondary school I'm a governor at had Fronter forced on it years ago by the London Grid for Learning. Afaik it's never been used by the school in any sustained or even trivial way, quite possibly because it's the ugliest, clumsiest, least standards compliant piece of software still making its authors a living. Anyhow, in the absence of anything else (including cash and skills) there are moves to use Fronter. What I'd like to know is whether Fronter IDs can used outside of Fronter - (eg non-anonymous surveys) and whether they conform to any sort of open standard. If they can't and don't, how have other schools approached identity management - especially when trying to create identities for the wider school community (parents/carers/governors etc)?
Thanks in advance,