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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Frog Homedrive issue in Technical; We have just had Frog installed and everything is working apart from the drive redirection. This is logged with their ...
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    Frog Homedrive issue

    We have just had Frog installed and everything is working apart from the drive redirection. This is logged with their helpdesk but i was wondering if anyone else had experienced the issue so could point us in the right direction.

    fro home drive issue.png

    I have edited the share permissions, changed the link etc but it is as if the system is asking for permission to the frog server and not the server the drive is on.

    We have only had it a couple of days and our build doesnt even take place for a month but if i could get this bit working then i can start to show the members of staff who are going to be using frog in the first instance what it is about and let them start experimenting with it.

    Any help would be great.

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    I had the same issue to begin with, I went back through and checked the settings and I couldnt work out why it was not working.

    Have you used the Home Drive guide? I think frog have one, I did have it some where but like most things I forget where they are.

    Strangely enough after using that (it took a while for it to sort it self out) and magically started to work. The most annoying thing was it started to work as soon as I phoned Frog and was describing the problem (then it just started to work).

    Not sure how helpful all that is.


    Just checked the server path

    Thats how I have it setup in each account, changing the shared and staff member name etc.
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    Mine works but our slashes are the other way //<servername>/StudentUsers/10entry/<username>/documents the /documents bit on the end is to direct to student "My Documents"

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    Ours are setup the same as frogwoman, we've got //servername/staff.name$ and they're mapping fine.


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    Did you get this issue resolved? I just found this thread and wondered if you were using the same usernames and passwords that your Active Directory uses? Have you made sure the tick box is in place to user AD passwords if available?

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