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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Setting a minimum participation time for an e-learning course in Technical; Hi all, I have been trying to find out some information regarding e-learning platforms for some time now, when I ...
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    Setting a minimum participation time for an e-learning course

    Hi all,

    I have been trying to find out some information regarding e-learning platforms for some time now, when I came across edugeek and thought lets give them a try and see if theres anyone in the forum who might be able to point me in the right direction.

    I am starting an e-learning project and have been looking at some of the various platform, both open source and licensed. I am particularly interested if anyone has any particular opinion on any of the opensource platforms, and which you would recommend..

    Now my main doubt:

    One of the requirements of the courses that I will be including is that they must last a minimum amount of time. i.e a course that lasts 4 hours must last at least that amount of time. So the user can't simply go through the course slides, quizes etc as fast as they want, they must spend at least a certain amount of time on each slide.

    so for example.. a course of 10 pages has to last 1 hour.. so the user must spend 6 minutes on each page.. and they can't go ahead until that amount of time has passed.

    So does anyone know of a platform where this type of functionality can be incorporated?
    Or is this something that has to be set up in a SCORM package previously to being uploaded on a platform?
    Can this even be done in SCORM? and if so what SCORM editors/creators have this functionality?

    I know I am asking for a bit of information here... I will really appreciate any help or advice given.
    Maybe this is not the right place to post this type of question,, but i hope so....

    Thanks again

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    Hi Tim,
    First off If I were to be doing the course, i would look at the objectives for the course, or success criteria rather than time spent gawping at a page. 6 Minutes on one page is a loooooooooong time if you have already got something..

    If it must be a certain length, consider using Video, audio and animation as well as testing their knowledge etc. That will make them think, retain more and take ownership of what idea you want them to absorb.
    But first off i would start with what you want the participant to have learned, absorbed etc and what use it is to the organisation.

    A course that would make me sit and wait before moving on gets me cross, bored and likely to click anything to crash out of it.
    You could develop a course within Powerpoint and export it to include on a platform, or use in Kiosk mode on a computer - low development costs and easy to change it later.

    Some people would in the past have done a custom flash course, but that really is overkill for what you want.

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