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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, which learning platform? in Technical; I'm an ICT co-ordinator from a small school in Kent and we are looking at purchasing VLE. We are currently ...
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    which learning platform?

    I'm an ICT co-ordinator from a small school in Kent and we are looking at purchasing VLE. We are currently subscribed to the Uniservity learning platform ans are supposed to be upgrading to their 'Life Cloud' version. So far, their new version seems to be anything but easy to work with. Actually, it's been absolute pain the a...! We have until April to decide whether to carry on with their contract or subscribe to something new. I knwo there is a lot out there which makes our choice even harder. If that helps, we are one-form entry primary with 220 kids and have an ICT technician working irregular hours (mostly 10hrs a week) after school.
    I would really appreciate any help and advice. Thanks

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    I've sent you a PM regarding this. But essentially we are a college based in Kent who use Moodle as our VLE and can show how we use it and potentially help out.

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    One thing I would suggest is really look around and do your home work, write down what you want/do with your current VLE. Next how much can you really spend and do you want something that when its done can be maintained by any one.

    We currently have frog secondary and I have seen Frog Primary (I was quite impressed) and would suggest giving them a call concerning that. We spent months browsing around at all sorts and it was either frog or moodle but frankly we didnt want to outsource/have one man dedicated to doing it all and we wanted full control/spend ages getting it setup, So frog was our best bet. Although this is just for us because it suited our needs and every school is different. We wanted the whole package and I must say the building platform on Frog is really impressive it is incredibly easy to build sites (we have a non IT Literate Art teacher building 4-5 sites). Although has its flaws Frog is rapidly growing and is constantly developing as well.

    As a primary though I would check the cost of it, I am guessing it would be a lot cheaper then what we got due to us being a Secondary (We got parent portal, securegateway and them to build a custom VLE/School Website).

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